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Offshore company is a non-resident Company registered in offshore jurisdictions, which generally exists in the form of a shell company, to be used as investment and financing tools.
The superiority of the offshore investment mode:

1. Isolation of Risk

Offshore company can play a protective role as a "firewall" or "isolation layer", blocking direct legal ties between the investor and domestic company or project, and avoiding the debt risk of the domestic company or other legal and business risks.

2. Convenient Financing

This design mainly avoids the stringent entity restriction or procedure restriction. More than 75% of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed companies are the offshore companies.

3. Preferential Tax

Government of offshore jurisdictions only levies an annual management fee to the offshore company, no longer any tax. Through offshore company to invest in China can enjoy the treatment of foreign investment. Plenty of room for tax planning.

4. Flexible Operation

The offshore jurisdictions companies act is very flexible and perfect, and to facilitate the operation of the company.

5. Convenient Exit

To facilitate risk investment funds or other industrial fund to quit after the operation of the project has be mature.

6. Investment Planning

Offshore Holding Company can be a centralized management core, to group all the global investment planning.

7. High Security

Almost all offshore jurisdictions expressly provides: shareholder information of the company, shares proportion, income status and so on, enjoy the right to confidentiality. It won't be disclosed, if the shareholder.

8. Financial Convenience

Almost all the major international banks admit these companies, such as the USA Chase Bank, Hong Kong HSBC. "Offshore" companies can open bank accounts, and they also have extremely convenience in the financial operation.

9. Foreign Exchange Risk

Through the establishment of professional management of enterprise group's internal currency exchange risk, the Offshore Holding Company can centrally manage all the difference between the exchange and foreign exchange risk.


Introduction to Offshore Registration Location:

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