Our Service

J & K is a government recognized corporation service company startups in Shanghai China. We work with our clients to building the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantages.
For a long time, we have maintained extensive and friendly contact with all government departments, which makes the communication between investors and government departments direct and effective. We are familiar with various investment policies that we are confident to ensure that investors' investment in China can get the allowance and support from the government departments.
Our mission is to protect and enhance enterprise value by identifying, anticipating and solving critical business problems. We believe that the most effective way to add value to a customer is to become your partner. No matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and long-lasting results. Our solutions give executives the tools they need to make essential business decisions with grater certainty.
We hope to be a long-term reliable and common development partner for our customers.

Corporate Registration, Alteration and Cancellation

  1. Transact establishment, modification and termination for any type of WOFE, JV and Representative Office
  2. Set up Branch Office or Subsidiary Company
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Employment and Visa Service for Foreigners

  1. Alien employment and visa policy consulting
  2. Alien Employment License
  3. Apply for various kinds of invitation letter for foreigners with business or work purpose
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Finance and Tax Consulting

  1. Auditing and register capital verification report
  2. Monthly tax declaration for WOFE or Representative Office
  3. Stat. report declaration every month
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HR Outsourcing Service

  1. Employee referral, recruitment and deal with social insurance and accumulation fund
  2. Calculate and declare personal income tax
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Audit Consulting

  1. Audit and capital verification
  2. Professional property evaluation
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Special Industry License Application Service

  1. Import and Export Qualification
  2. Food Industry Qualification
  3. Human Resource Qualification
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Bank Account Service

Our experienced practical in working with multi-national banks helps to provide our clients with benefit banking solutions and operate their bank accounts effectively and safely This is a link

Intellectual Property Protection Services

We assist in the management of intellectual property right portfolios as well as, in tandem with law firms, administrative, civil or criminal proceedings against the infringement of intellectual rights and unfair competition This is a link

Investment Strategy Consulting Service

We provide your investment with the necessary service in China. Each of the team members has 5 to 10 years experience in their respective fields. We are professional and focusing that will help you invest in China smoothly This is a link

Financial Support and Allowance

Collecting and mastering updated invite investment policy.
By drawing on the resources of J & K and our experience in dealing with local authorities, you will find your requirements are met and then executed without hassle
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Invest Overseas Consulting Service

Offshore company is a non-resident company registered in offshore jurisdictions, which generally exists in the form of a shell company, to be used as investment and financing tools This is a link

Office Recommendation and Decoration Services

We are quirt familiar with CBD in Shanghai and will guide you to choose warehouse, physical office and virtual This is a link