Intellectual Property Protection Services

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In today's global economy, China has always been an attractive market for many foreign companies to conduct business. But bad-faith trademark has always been a major problem in the field of trademark which highlights the dilemma that foreign enterprises may face in the country.

Brand owners who have experienced problems in the past due to bad faith filings may want to use the revised Law to update, improve or enhance their filing strategies in China that will boost their overall brand equity.

To counter bad-faith trademarks, China has passed a new law, the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China (2019 amendments) which come into force on November 1st, 2019. CNIPA provides the explanation with the needs for amendments. With the optimization of the trademark registration process, the shortening of the registration cycle, and the reduction of registration costs, it is more convenient for parties to obtain trademark registrations. At the same time, there have also been problems such as bad-faith applications for the purpose of naming famous brands and a large number of trademark hoarding for profit transfer. It disrupted the order of the market economy and the management of trademarks, aroused widespread concern in society, and strongly called for regulation.

The amendments send a clear message that China is actually taking action to curb bad-faith trademark fillings by proclaiming the intent to increase infringement liabilities and aim to resolve its endemic trademark fillings problem.

We provide all kinds of legal advice on intellectual property protection for our clients, and help clients file various trademark lawsuits. Effective preventive measures are far better than remedial measures afterwards. The protection of intellectual property rights should be considered as an important part of enterprises' investment and development in China. If you need professional and comprehensive intellectual property services, please no hesitate to contact our professional consultants.

We assist in the management of intellectual property right portfolios (procedure for registering brand names, drawings, utility models, patents, authors' rights, software, the procedure for objection/annulment etc.) as well as, in tandem with Chinese correspondent law firms, administrative, civil or criminal proceedings against the infringement of intellectual rights and unfair competition.

We also advise our clients in the negotiation of agreements and litigation relating to patents, Whenever required, it is able to rely on all the J & K's specialized teams.